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Agro-Industry has always been an evergreen and thriving sector and in the new age it is providing bountiful opportunities to a myriad of businessmen, along with private and public agencies. So far, various boards and government institutions has made most out of this industry and seeing it’s never ceasing demand, new age businessmen are also entering this area, making it even more promising, high in potential and organized.

FarmKrisp is willing to take this opportunity and also benefit the society and its farmers. Coming from farming roots and attaining in-depth knowledge of agriculture, combined with experience in retail sector, FarmKrisp creates a unique business model that creates long lasting and profitable relationships.

what people are doing in the market?

The demand for fresh fruits & vegetables has increased from the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic and this has further highlighted two vital aspects of the supply chain: resilience & innovation.

There were unprecedented veggies & grocery sales in the wake of COVID-19 as shoppers are still rushing to stockpile to prepare for the unforeseen circumstances.

Vegetables are key driver of strong fresh produce & this sudden change in consumer sentiments on the onset of the pandemic is resulting in a much higher than normal demand.



We closely work with the farmers to produce good quality of vegetables. We provide them with technical knowledge and different farming techniques. Working with farmers makes the process more efficient.


The vegetables are harvested by the farmers with no or minimal damage to the vegetables.We work with the farmers in each and every step to provide the customers a quality product.


The harvested crops are transported to our processing plant and or processed minimally to keep the vegetables and yet retaining all its nutritional value and purity.


Packaging is also done in our processing plant to keep the vegetables fresh.Packaging is done in hygiene environment and quality packaging materials are used.


Packed vegetables are then transported to our retail stores in major cities in Tamilnadu where you can buy it fresh.

Now you need to have realized the last few weeks or so, the number of horses coming and moving out of Nyc Escort escort ny Agency close meadow was grown dramatically. That is very great information for us horse fans, however, awful news for the horse Escorts. Horses are a really rugged bunch, particularly at an area like Nyc exactly in which temperatures could vary rapidly. Sexy sun and cold wind really can hurt a horse and create sure they are more sick. In the event you have a horse at any time, I would advise that you employ a expert horseman to care for the stable to you personally, because there is no doubt that horse-riders could be handful.

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